Is God in the Tenth Dimension?

Postby Jonathan Horovitz » Sun Jul 23, 2006 7:46 pm

Anonymous wrote:If he/it were anywhere, I'm thinking thats where they would be, because doesn't the 10th dimension contain like an infinite amount of everything? Theres not much that could exist outside of it...

But on the other hand the concept of God is getting a little outdated, I mean religion keeps morphing to attempt to "fit in" with new scientific discoveries, it has never been concrete, just a system of beliefs. It seems to me that humans have some weird unconscious thing in the back of their head that makes them want to believe in some all powerful, all controlling thing...almost as if we were programmed to have it by some super race that made some universe and gave some of the life "consciousness" and free will

Well i know that it seems liek religous is morphing to attempt to fit in with science but one of the fundamental laws in religon is to disipher the true meanigns of the bible. Infact that is why the bible gives power to the Rabbis to set the standards of the day (like a juditiary panel in our legal system if you will). If the true nature of the bible does lie in modern science or future science than it can still stick. It never says NOT to include science nor however does it say TO include science.. And although i know it sounds like its morphing it really is jsut getting closer to what religous ppl consider 'the truth'. Also I know a lot of ppl say well then that means everyone in the past was wronga dn they were so adiment that they were correct to even die for it. And although they may have been wrong at the time it fit and so they truly belived it. No need to hold a religon (just as we wouldn't a person) responsible for what a past generation has done/belived.
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Postby Guest » Mon Jul 24, 2006 12:21 pm

I think of it like this:

Philosophically, God has always been the answer to the unanswerable questions.

Religions expand this domain to questions which are not unanswerable, but don't neccessarily have a single correct answer (eg moral questions).

People naturally come to ponder deep questions, and to feel that such questions should have answers. Questions without clear answers are unsettling, troubling, so it is useful for us to have this concept of God as a way out of this conundrum.

Over time, Science has answered some of the formerly unanswerable questions satisfactorily. Non-religious thought systems have provided alternative ways to answer moral questions.

But there will always be unanswerable questions.

The title of this thread asks if God is in the 10th dimension. But the 10th dimension as described is a single point containing every possible universe. No other points are possible, no 'beings' or overseeing intelligence, just this infinitely small point. So the only thing that might make sense is to say the 10th dimension IS God. This god wouldn't have any of the qualities religions typically assign to god (well, Buddhism's a bit closer). In effect it has just become another name for the 10th dimension. Which seems a bit redundant.

So, where's God?

Well, there's still one unanswerable question, looking at this 10-dimensional space of all possible universes: How come there's SOMETHING rather than NOTHING.

You can't say God created it. But you need an answer...

Postby Leo » Sun Jul 30, 2006 2:08 am

what if God is not a person like us but a force in the 10th dimension then most problems are solved as a force is not an item or object so it will not be in the infinate everything and it could be a liveing thing (well not liveing as we know it but be awere so to speak) :wink:

(i know my spelling is bad but i have had no sleep :P )

Leo's great revelation!

Postby Tyflikw » Sun Aug 06, 2006 7:25 pm

Wow Leo you must be a genius! Did you come up with the idea that God is not a person like us all by yourself? If so, you are truly a great thinker. How long did it take you to come up with that truly aweinspiring thought? I bet you must have at least a fourth of a brain to be able to think great thoughts like that. Wow. People never cease to amaze me.

God is most definately not like us in form. The bible says we were made after his image, but this does not by any means mean that we look like God. God is not a force per se, but he is an entity that is completely aware. Let us assume that God is, is in the 10th dimension. Any being in the tenth dimension has to see 10 dimensionally. What animal on our 3D earth does not see 3 dimensionally? There isn't any if I am corect. A person with a mental disablity that basically turns them into a "vegetable" can still see 3 dimensionally. A 10 dimensional vegetable can still see tendimensionally which is way past our comprehension. God is the furthest thing from a vegetable. So imagine, if you can, how much perseptive God has on life and things of that nature.

To all the wonderfully gifted people in the world like Leo, please keep your revelations to yourself. thanks!

Postby riknard » Mon Aug 07, 2006 3:21 pm

We are currently limited in 10 dimensions in these discussions because that is the extreme limit of what we can imagine. Another solution to the universe uses 26... We cannot describe any more because the descriptions encompass ALL of ALL, and I feel those 10 are described pretty well. However, I postulate that if we can conceive it, it still is limited, and God, or any name or idea put out to define creation's host and master would be beyond that. It very well could be that what we have risen (or delved) to at the 10th level of dimensionality could be the first dimension in measuring the counterpart to a quark (OK, a basic building block, not what we know as a QUARK) in a much higher level or organization. Again, having just "imagined" that, it is now itself a limitation. That level of existence is worthy of respectful pondering, I would suggest.
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Postby I.M. Huami » Tue Aug 08, 2006 5:09 pm

Since we are limited by our physical senses and more importantly our moment to moment perception of time. How can one even begin to fathom 10 dimensions and an infinite god if our construct of what is real may be flawed from the begining? Not that it isn't fun to do so.. :)
I.M. Huami

comprehending the 10th dimension

Postby Tyflikw » Tue Aug 08, 2006 8:13 pm

I.M. Huami your basic question is: Why think about the unthinkable? The answer: it is fun. that is all. We will never understand or comprehend the tenth dimension. Even if we have the understanding of the British dudes that made stonge hedge by dropping huge rocks out of the sixth dimension, we will never comprehend the 10th dimension. You can always try though

Postby Shane » Wed Aug 09, 2006 6:46 am

you ever watch a kitten.

those furry littlecritters play with/ get into everything that is in thier enviroment.

what is really happening is they are Learning.


like that, just right there, the cat jumped on the keyboard.

who knows, maybe the cat is trying to tell me that the answer is con9=-

anyone want a cat?

sorry...A.D.D. moment.


what I have been trying to say is unless you play with a new Idea, you wont learn its limitations.
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British dudes?

Postby Lindenshade » Wed Aug 09, 2006 1:33 pm

Briefly, Stone Henge was not built by the Brits. They were Picts.
The Definition of God has not evolved to meet science in the western world. Rather, the already exsisting consepts to govern this definition were gathered into western thinking by way of a little something called the internet, and other comunication tools up to that point. All of the definitions used in this blog are accounted for by one -old- philosphy or an other. I think it is more important to look for the comonalities.

Defining god is like defining art. However, we are here. Art does exsist. God (in a strictly logical sence) cannot be dead as we are all still here.

So, let me give my definition for the record. God = the collective exsistance of all things, including conscienceness. I believe that the universe is comparable to an infinite organism, and we are like cells inside. Moreover, I believe that the conscienceness is the key to understanding this organism/life/reality/possiblilty/everything. And that is why we have self-aware thought.

So, here is a rather thin Idea. What if (forgive me if someone alread said this) our bodies exsist in one dymention, but our minds are at least partially of another? If you can only see a moment as it happen in the 3rd, but would see a whole time line the 4th- how does this explain a self-aware memory, or a keen ability to see forward in ones life.

I ask this as a person who has just fallen in love with a man that could have been carved from the clay just for me. And I must ask how that fits. How does the theory play with the spirtial connection between people, the world, their own life ambitions, and relationship with the kosmos?

Someone to consider reading.- Ken Wilber

Forgive the spelling please. tired :?


Postby Tyflikw » Thu Aug 10, 2006 1:37 pm

1st sorry about the Brits comment. My point wasn't who built it... but any way, moving one then:
Your definition of God is making him basically the tenth dimension, which is what this topic is disscussing. Quite frankly, there will be no end to the debate. It can go back and forth forever and ever. Lindenshade, you confused me when you said "God cannot be dead as we are all still here." and then you defined God as "the collective existance of all things, including conscienceness." What I am having trouble understanding is whethere you think God is a person, an idea, or a fantasy. Depending on your beliefs about that, will alter ideas on this subject.

Postby Tristan » Thu Aug 10, 2006 6:02 pm

Anonymous wrote:GOD is the tenth dimension. We simply personified the tenth dimension, giving it human characteristics and such.

I definitely agree with you and others who put it plain and simple. See my first posting.
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Postby russ » Thu Aug 10, 2006 8:34 pm

God is capacity for everything, and is everything. God is nothing and everything. No thing observes, things (whatever they may be) are observed - it is exactly "no thing" which observes.

Thats what I think anyway. Isn't the "dot" as the tenth dimension also everything and nothing?

Postby Tristan » Fri Aug 11, 2006 5:03 am

russ wrote:.

Thats what I think anyway. Isn't the "dot" as the tenth dimension also everything and nothing?

Exactly. That's what I mean.
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Postby Judas » Fri Aug 11, 2006 3:03 pm


Those of you referring to the Bible, stop. I don't pretend to understand the
subtleties of your personal faith but if you want to use the Bible as proof of
what God may be, first you must prove that the Bible is a divine work. The
Bible was written by MAN, not God...unless you plan to try and convince me that
God came down to our plane and not only wrote the Old Testament, but also
channelled the Qur'an, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Tao Te Ching. Then (depending
on your definition of, God, or both), he came back to our plane of
existence (after living and dying as a mortal, rising from his grave, and going
up to Heaven) just to write a little addendum to the Old Testament.

It's one thing to consider these texts Holy works. It's fine to gain insight on
how you wish to define your character and manner of living by the principles
they offer. It's another thing entirely to base your definition of God on the
words of a man whose definition has been both altered and translated over and
over to suit the needs of the social and economical power of each era between
than and now.

The Bible is a book. Written by man, printed by man, translated by man, and put
in your hotel nightstand by man. It is no more a divine writ than the cross on
the wall of your local church. Holy? Yes. Sacred? Sure. Divine? No.

So please, no more basing opinions of what God is on what a book says it
is...unless you first decide to form a proof that the Bible was, if fact, not
only written directly or through word of mouth/mind/essence/whatever of God
itself but also has been unaltered and still remains in its pure original form
to this day. Prove that to a point that is not laughable and maybe your
arguments based on the bible could be considered viable.

Superstrings vibrating?

Postby Behemoth » Thu Aug 17, 2006 1:57 am

Mr. Bryanton says that perhaps the 10th dimension is empty nothingness until the superstrings vibrate. What is it that makes them vibrate? Do they somehow move on their own? Is something forcing them to force the infinite number of universes to carry on as they do? What happens if they stop vibrating? Why would they stop vibrating? Perhaps God is altogether passed the 10th dimension and time? Perhaps he is the cause of the vibrations? Perhaps he has sent Jesus to die for the sins of all the beings of all the infinite universes? Does this mean Jesus has, is, and will forever be dying? When we die, will we watch him continue to die for all eternity? I thought there would be no more tears in heaven? And two final questions- Do we really have souls/spirits... and if so, what dimension were they in before physical birth, currently, and will they be after death? Any ideas?


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