Is God in the Tenth Dimension?

Re: Is God in the Tenth Dimension?

Postby Johnny » Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:34 am

Sorry bruja, but I dont fully understand your theory on how god cannot be the 10th dimension. Can anyone please... Err... Dumb it down for me bait? :D
Also, I am a catholic. And I don't understand why alot of people seem to beleive that since I beleive in god and Christ, I can't also believe in science. (notice my use of the word belief - For science is merely the best idea that we have at the present time, once in our history the world was flat. This was a fact at the time for we knew no better.) anyway, I am completely open to science AND religion. We all know that god didn't didn't make Adam and eve in genesis, and that most of the bible passages that seem to be written as truths are actualy not. Most Modern Christians know this. The bible is no longer the be all and end all. It is now a recollection of our inner beliefs; that there is something... Someone who is unimaginable in greatness (cannot describe my inner beliefs with mere words: sorry to go all corny on you).
As you can see I get distracted easily and have lost my trail of thought, please feel free to openly reply to my views; and ask any questions about modern catholics. (Written on iPod = bad grammar and spelling)
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Re: Is God in the Tenth Dimension?

Postby The Operator » Mon Jan 24, 2011 7:56 pm


I agree with some aspects of your post, while disagreeing with other parts. I find that you are restricting the idea of God just to a definition. And by that definition, you draw conclusions as to what he/she/it is. A definition is nothing more than a way to describe something. And when it comes to an idea as mysterious and vague as God, no one definition can describe God fully. That is why limiting God to a definition of a couple sentences is not doing it justice. You take the definition of God, and use that to determine that he is not in the 10th dimension. You assume that God is a conscious, self aware being, just because some definition says so. I don't find this reasonable grounds to assume that he is. I feel that since we cannot fully perceive, imagine or DEFINE who God is, we cannot restrict him to any one thing. That is all.
The Operator
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Re: Is God in the Tenth Dimension?

Postby bruja » Mon May 09, 2011 1:54 am

claiming that god can't be defined presents a big scientific problem - you need a definition for a proper scientific inquiry.

how do you even name or talk about something you can't define? isn't that what language is for, defining things? if it has a name, it must have a definition. besides, if god is to be discussed in a serious scientific way, "he/she/it" must be defined... otherwise you have nothing to build a hypothesis on.

you argument that god cannot be "restricted to any one thing" sounds kinda good, but it's actually getting you into a jiffy... because if this were so, if god can't be defined... then it can be easily argued that god may very well be the perpetrator of all evil and suffering on earth. who knows, god could be anything... it's anyone's guess really! "he" could be totally indifferent to everything "he" created... it could also be argued that "he" loves to see his creations suffer... as thousands of humans actually do every day.

it also seems to me that... by arguing that god can't be defined, you are actually saying god has no meaning. :shock:
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Re: Is God in the Tenth Dimension?

Postby rabidfox » Thu Nov 24, 2011 5:17 am

To Bruja:

I think you have given an excellent thorough reason why God cannot be in the tenth dimension, that I agree goes along with Mr. Bryanton's explanation of the tenth dimension, that once you try to do something there (including think), it immediately collapses down into the lower dimensions. I think an accurate way to think of the tenth dimension is the sea of everything that can collapse down into 9 dimensional things. It is "outside", from the encapsulation of 9 dimensions and out, divided only by other 9 dimensional things. 9 is as high as something definable can go –true and complete definitions should incorporate 9 dimensions, and something that is definable is something that is merely distinguishable from another thing. I say 9 is as high as something definable can go, but especially if that thing thinks, because such a Being is operating multi-dimensionally, necessitating the lower dimensions to manifest the self and the actions that are collapsed after the thought and observations. With this I can point out our differences, that while I agree with you on why God can’t be in the tenth dimension, I disagree on your conclusions about God –and us- because of it.

My perception of the way conscious beings are includes multi-dimensional functionality. We have body, mind, and spirit, and I believe each are functioning on a different level. Physically we are 3D, mentally 4D, and spiritually 5D. Our physical bodies are acting things out in the three dimensions we inhibit, which acts take duration to accomplish. We mentally perceive this as moving along at a consistent pace in one direction, possibly because there is some 5+ dimensional function of gravity pulling us towards some 5+ D mass, but whatever the reason, movement along this line can happen in a limited sense when we remember events and snapshots of time. We are constantly wondering about the implications and greater meanings of our true nature and the choices we make, as a spiritual function in the 5th. You could say that the full definition of what we are can be wrapped up in the 6 dimensions with physical description, consciousness, and personality, but maybe it also includes the higher dimensions of the universe, and the quantum observer who willed us into existence, but we often do not think of this as part of who we are, and think it as superfluous as adding “Earth” to an address on a letter, application, or bill. But if we do take it into consideration, we can conclude that we are the offspring, in a sense, of our Higher Power, a Being who is eternal. This Being is responsible for organizing our spirits, or meme sets –to borrow a term that Bryanton borrows from Dawkins. Our relationship with Him and all interactions happen in 6 and up, which is why it is so hard for us to pinpoint such evidences and forget its significance. Since organizing us, He organized the physical world and gave us the opportunity to be tested here. He created the setting and the rules, and knows what we can gain from this experience, and therefore He is our superior. So while it is true that both we and He are conscious, multi-dimensional beings, He is operating in higher dimensions than we –enough to make Him omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent by being outside our space-time experience- and He being the author of His plan for us makes us very different from Him.

This does, however, allow for the idea that perhaps God was once as we are now, and that we may become as He is now. God might be in the tenth dimension in the sense that He is a full 9D construct, and the tenth dimension is to Him as the 4th is to us, as duration –as Rob explains that time I merely the dimension above that which you are in (in physically as I say). But this would still mean that He is not fully in the tenth, but would be a constant perfect observer, keeping His Self collapsed and existing, and He is sculpting an object every bit as complex as Himself (9D) to His liking, which is our universe. That makes Him seem less personal, so I think of our God as within the same 9D structure that we exist in, with 8 or 9 as His time. Perhaps He has a God who is like I just explained, and one day He will ascend to such. Who knows?

It may also be beneficial to consider the work of Nassim Heiramon, who states that everything is a fractal, and that such a concept is paralleled in the paragraph above.

To The Operative:

Your points are good in the sense that you are probably right about God being outside the physical creation. But do you realize that if you apply that to Rob Bryanton’s way of imagining the ten dimensions, this only necessitates He be above 4? I think once you look at the second tier, or triad as Rob puts it, you are looking at the spiritual creation. I think it is superfluous to insist that He must be outside it all, because once He is “outside” it all, you’ve defined an “outside”. Rob has already said that this “outside” is pretty much the tenth dimension. But would God really be there? I think not, but He is likely more personally engaged in His creation, which only really becomes a defined universe from 6 and is collapsed down to the dimensions below, which is an object He can perceive in His higher dimensional vantage point (likely the third tier/triad) more clearly than we with an object we can heft in the first tier. Down here our heads are barely poking out of the physical world, as our consciousnesses are streaming along whatever is pulling us through time. No, we can’t pinpoint or even pretend to know or understand where God really is, but we shouldn’t be afraid of speculation. It helps me understand these concepts better and it compliments my faith.
The saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words"; well then a movie is about thirty thousand words per second -on top of an audio track!

Science and religion are the questions we ask about God's creation. One is the "what" and the other is the "why".
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Re: Is God in the Tenth Dimension?

Postby hybrid » Wed Oct 29, 2014 7:12 am

kinda neglected this site.


god is a concept that emanates from the human mind.
find where the mind's place in these dimensions ,
and you will find your god.
Consciousness is not reducible or emergent, but a new fundamental property of matter.
— Foundations of Physics Letters,
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