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Postby RealityDreams » Tue Dec 05, 2006 5:28 pm

Just this year I experienced Salvia for the first time. It was the first time I have used any kind of psychedelic. I remember my friend’s husband calling me. The first question out of his mouth was “are you ready to go to the other side?” He wasn’t kidding. The experience scared the daylights out of me and at the same time it was the most invigorating incident of my life.

K-EH made the comment that they felt like they were being turned like a page in a book. I too felt that in my experience. I also remember that I felt like if I didn’t get back to the “real” world that I would be lost forever. However, I can say that I will use it again someday, but it is defiantly something that one should be prepared for.
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Re: Salvia

Postby ATxlonghorn » Thu Jan 11, 2007 11:41 pm

RealityDreams wrote:Just this year I experienced Salvia for the first time. It was the first time I have used any kind of psychedelic. I remember my friend’s husband calling me. The first question out of his mouth was “are you ready to go to the other side?” He wasn’t kidding. The experience scared the daylights out of me and at the same time it was the most invigorating incident of my life.

K-EH made the comment that they felt like they were being turned like a page in a book. I too felt that in my experience. I also remember that I felt like if I didn’t get back to the “real” world that I would be lost forever. However, I can say that I will use it again someday, but it is defiantly something that one should be prepared for.

Did a search for Salvia and this thread came up.

All I can wow...most of the multiple dimensions are exactly what I experienced on Salvia. I could "view" time and could move in and out of different realities (experiencing the 6th dimension?). Extremely hard to put into words although the bolded section above held extremely true to me. I was scared beyond belief. I actually did it twice that day....and never think I will again.

My best friend also took a hit a few hours after I was done...and we talked about it afterwords...we both had the exact same trip (as far as we could explain at least).

One interesting difference in what I experienced versus the theories discussed here....that time (or possibly a higher dimension)...was a "wheel" with no definate beginning or end, constantly spinning.
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Postby Millsley » Sat Jan 27, 2007 9:34 pm

The first 5 times that I smoked Salvia it did almost nothing. Like I had this weird feeling of being pulled... but nothing really changed all that much.

The 6th time that I did it however, I thought nothing was happening and my friends were all disappointed... but then I noticed that they all seemed about 30 ft away! Suddenly I was looking at a honeycomb view of me and my friends sitting in the room. It was sort of like what they show you in science class of what a bug's vision looks like, except slightly different things were happening in all of the honeycombs. This only lasted for about 20 seconds before the honeycombs started fading and they slowly coalesced back into the one. I decided to take one more hit since I still had an idea of where I was (and common experiences include not even being in your body), and thought nothing happened. I was disappointed, yet when I went to go look up something on the computer, I looked at my desktop background (which is an image from After Hubble, which shows us some pretty amazing views of the universe) and the image was literally alive. Shapes would form together and then environments would construct around the shapes yet this happened so quickly that each one only lasted for a matter of moments. I saw a scene from ancient Egypt, then a view of a city in the sky, and then a beautiful female whose face mechanically lifted off revealing a machine behind (which my roommate frequently draws, yet seeing it animated and almost realistic was mind blowing).

So if you're having trouble making it work for you, I find that looking at these images of the universe are a great springboard for an interesting experience. This experience was only two weeks ago and I haven't had the time or money to invest in another trip but it was definitely amazing.
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Postby Paper Nuke » Sun Jan 28, 2007 9:08 pm

What is Salvia? A drug?
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Postby Millsley » Mon Jan 29, 2007 6:29 am

Used by Mazatec shamans during spirit rituals, etc. It's actually legal in most states in the US. If you are interested, be smart about it, and never do salvia by yourself.
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Postby motorcrossdd » Fri Feb 23, 2007 3:26 am

Recently I just tried salvia for the first time (1 or 2 weeks ago) and one the first day me and my friend smoked about 4 times each then we smoked each one the next two days but then we didn't smoke again until today (we didn't know that smoking it repetitively could be bad).

So, what I realized today is that every salvia trip I've had was sort of the same but I could never remember it well so each time i had one I could describe it better until today I finally realized that what I was experiencing was a "4th dimension" similar to that of the ones many of you experienced. In this dimension I am sort of part of a continuous line or wall that sort of moves in a circle and it goes one move at a time according to the beat of the music I was listening to sort of like turning pages (best I can describe it)

So during this trip I had no consiousness of being on salvia in the first place and I felt scared shitless of what was happening to me as if I was trapped in this dimension and could do nothing about it. I even though that my friend who I had smoked with was this evil being whose only purpose was to get me to "page flip" into the new dimension so that something else would replace me or soemthign like that... can't explain it very well.

My problem now is that it has only been 6 hours ago but those images will not stop haunting me... I can't sleep at all

I know I am definately NEVER smoking salvia again, but can anyone help me get over what I am experiencing? Am I still under the influence of it after 6 hours so that it would continue to annoy me or have I become mentally unstable? Right now even though I know it makes no sense at all my mind can't stop itself from believing ithat this new dimension actually exists and that those that are in it have asome control over me and are some how trying to push me out of my current dimension...can anyone confirm that this is just a common thing that yhappens because of the drug or is there an actual possibility it might be true?
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Postby Cleatus » Fri Apr 06, 2007 10:34 pm

I know exactly how you feel Motorcrossdd.

The first time I did salvia, I took a small hit of it from my pipe, and the world just seemed more vibrant, I couldn't stop laughing, but was completely conscious, and knew what I did.

The second time (in the same day), I made a huge mistake of taking a whole bag of it in one huge bong toke, thinking I could handle it, I was dead wrong. It was like I was in a picture or something, and when I tried to move, I'd tear the universe along with me. All my friends were laughing at me, so I felt as if they did it to me, and were enjoying the ride, I didn't even know I took salvia. Thoughts that god was destorying the universe also came through my mind.

Then it really started to kick in. It was like we were all one with the universe, each apart of everything. I felt like I was a peice of furniture, a wall, or something, and completely forgot who I was. I'd have split seconds of coming back to reality, then I'd try to move or talk, and the whole trip would start over again. I had sensations of being squished, being curved, and the world seemed like a grid too. Basically I felt like a 2D character in a video game.

It seemed like 30 seconds for me, but my friends said I was out of it for atleast 10 minutes, looking at everything as if I were looking through it. When I finally came back to reality, I didn't recognize my friends for the first 10 seconds, I was scared, it was as if the sub atomic reality I was in was the only reality I ever knew. I ran outside, and sat on a bench, thinking of what happened. I talked with stutters for like a half an hour after. These are just the things I can explain about my trip, I had many other crazy feelings as well, but I simply can't describe them.

That was six months ago. To this day, I still wonder about what I experienced, and occasionally it scares me too. For the first couple of months, I'd have flashbacks of it in my mind mostly when I smoked weed. I've had a couple of nightmares about it, but luckily, that's all. I was never interested in quantum physics until this happened.

So just to let you know, you're not alone. Needless to say, I'm never do salvia ever again.


First post. :D
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Postby Mike D. » Tue May 01, 2007 6:17 am

Speedwell wrote:LSD and other hallucinogens have not been shown to "open the mind" to any "higher reality." It is evident from the research that one of the effects of this sort of drug is to stimulate the brain to feel as though it is "expanded," or else to cripple the mind so much that it can no longer correctly perceive reality and thus reverts to an infantile state of inability to process sense stimuli.

However, as anyone knows who has ever had narcolepsy, a panic attack, or an obsessive-compusive disorder, the fact that you feel an emotion or hallucinate is not adequate evidence that there is a reason to feel the emotion, or that the things "seen" are really present.

I agree. The brain is still confined to the normal sensory organs and is still getting information delivered through them but is unable to understand a lot of it due to the drugs imparing ability. Although I believe hallucinogens are a good way of understanding higher dimensions, if not actually seeing them. From personal experience using mushrooms and LSD I have found them to help mentally visualise various concepts such as time and other dimensions.
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Postby MisterGod001 » Mon Jun 18, 2007 9:59 am

I had an AMAZING Salvia experience my first time. So much stuff came to me! First I looked at this tapistry, and a 2D flower on the tapistry came out fully 3D and stuck to the middle of my forehead. Then wheneve I moved, yet still looked at the flower, the 3D structured flower still stuck to my head! Come to find out months later, that part of the brain is "The Third Eye" or the minds eye!

Not only that but that night before going to sleep I realized I have 2 major parts to my being. One is that I am searching for pleasure. My Ego. And the other is who just wants to turn of my mind and relax. My real self.

So although people say that drugs arent always the way for enlightement, which I agree, it is clearly something to have research because I've had some amazing experiences. Salvia was one of the best.
"There is only one corner of the Universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your self."-Aldous Huxley
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Postby Travis » Thu Jul 26, 2007 12:32 pm

A few months ago I was able to use Salvia. The experience was like nothing I have ever been through and now that I have read this topic I am quite sure there is a link.

During this experience ... this is hard to explain in words so please try and stay with me. What I saw (for about 5 minutes) was the reality I was in seemed to repeat itself. Almost like I was stuck in a loop of time that very slowly progressed. In the best way possible I will try and visualize this for you.

Imagine laying on your side on a bed and trying to lift your head. What happens next is that you barely lift your head off the surface of the bed before it slams back down onto the sheets. You try again and get no further. After 10 times of doing this you shortly realize that not only is it your vision that is "skipping" but also your body. I could feel the breath in my body revert back to the last breath I had ... making it really hard to breathe.

After so long of this (maybe 20 seconds) I was able to move slightly more foreward in time and I started to try and move my hand to help myself up. This also "skipped". This part is important to me because it was the line drawn to reality saying, "Oh wait ... it's not just my eyes skipping, my body actually is too" and that was because I could see it.

*sidenote* my wife describes that while I was trying to get up I was forcing myself up and down in realtime and when she tried to help me "stay down" on the bed I fought her with every ounce of strength I had. Almost like I had no control over the skipping.

There is more that followed this really bizzare experience. Things like people on the television speaking to me and an unyielding urge to get into water (which I also find an interesting thing to want to do when on Salvia).

Needless to say it was a pure out of body experience for me because during the whole time I was able to retain a "single mind". By that I mean even though my vision and my hand and for all intents and purposes, my entire world were "skipping" slowly through time (which is exactly how I thought about it during the experience as well) ... I was still able to step back into my mind and watch this all happen with a sort of calmness.

A few more things

Postby Travis » Thu Jul 26, 2007 12:47 pm

i read above that someone took a small hit from a pipe and then a good one from a bong.

My wife hit the pipe. she laughed and laughed for about 5 minutes straight and it looked like her eyeballs would pop out.

I hit the bong. I wasn't shy about the hit either ... yuo can read about my experience above. Needless to say it was extreme.

Did anyone seem to black out right after they took the hit? I hit the bong and as soon as my lips left the glass with the smoke in my lungs ... well, I can't remember how I got to the other side of the couch. I mean, this blackout was accompanied by a HUGE mental hammer. I felt as if a mack truck made of of psychic energy smacked me so hard I was in another dimension.

Yes, it hurt. A lot but I don't know if it was physical pain. It could have been though, the salvia hitting my brain in other words.

I would like to say for anyone reading. My experience with Salvia was the single handed most frightening experience of my life. Bar none. It was a real test on my psyche because for a while I was seriously convinced that everything I knew up until that smoke hit my lungs was a LIE. This reality? No way, never happened. It was like a cruel joke waking up in another dimension where everything you felt and experienced meant nothing because it never existed. It took me about 6 minutes to understand that it was a Salvia trip and not reality.

6 minutes of a new world. I mean that in all ways.

Salvia Hammer to the Dome

Postby Mike P » Thu Jul 26, 2007 5:37 pm

I got a crazy story about what your saying Travis, a hammer of psychic energy. I've only done the 5x up until last week I tried 10x and for a really dumb reason I did it while my girlfriend was driving. I'm in shotgun and I take a huge hit out of a can. Seconds later I can feel my body tingle as normal and am readying myself for a massive smack in the face. I lean back and moments later WHAM felt like the top of my head was open and very heavy, not to mention everything looks like lego land in hell. The Beatles were playing, however when I started to trip I just could only understand a male voice. Meanwhile its only my girlfriend and I so I just kept saying "Who the freak are you! Who the freak are you!" I was so lucky the door was locked because I was trying to get out because the whole thing was way too intense. Finally she pulled over and after running around making sure no one else was in the car and making sure my body was okay I came back to reality.

I'll probably stick with 5x after that one. There are two reasons why I hit salvia. One is that although during the experience I see absolute madness, I am almost in a void of no thoughts throughout the experience. Completely "In the moment". So when I come out of it, I can reflect on the experience as if the doors of perceptions were perfectly cleansed during the journey. Another is it is very similar to the buddhist dying process: Life, Death, Rebirth. Life is like moments before the trip where I'm still in my normal waking consciousness, Death as in ego death during the experience, and Rebirth as in reviewing and analysing the experience/any insights that can help me.

The experience overall is defintely close to experiencing timelessness. Seeing infinity. Feeling one with all. It really makes you question when you come out of it what did I learn, how can I learn more, and how can I better myself from the experience.
Mike P

Being pulled back by tall creatures by hooks in my skin.

Postby Izo » Mon Jul 30, 2007 7:32 am

I am really curious if anyone has had the same experience as me with Salvia. My friend and I decided we would try to give MJ a break for a while. We were a bit bummed so we decided to buy some Salvia for a little fun.

In the past we had played with 20x and had some strange feelings like our legs were detached from our body but nothing to trippy, so this time we decided to say fug it and go with the 60x extract.

We loaded the bong up and hopped on our four wheelers and headed to the woods. We have this cool place we always smoke we like to call the burial ground. Its like this really enclosed area in the middle of a swamp. My friend loaded the bong up and took a massive rip. He instantly got this funny look on his face and let out a crazy laugh. I thought to myself "not to bad", so I proceeded to load the bong and take a massive rip like the MJ pro I was. Ooppss...this was not MJ, this was Salvia Divinorum 60X extract. No sooner than the smoke left my lips I felt tihs intense pain in the back of my arms, back, and legs. It was almost as if I had hooks in my skin. The pain was not only intense, it was also pulling me backwards to the point that it literally ripped my hands from the handlebars of my fourwheeler. I looed back over my shoulder and noticed this tall green like creatures and I could tell they were the ones pulling me into the woods. I looked back over at my friend and he had this smirky grin on his face. I was honestly thinking that he had brought me out into the woods to let these creatures have their way with me. I kept screaming "what the fug are they doing, who are they?? After about 3 minutes I was able to pull myself back up off the fourwheeler and I then broke out into an extreme sweat. I jumped over the fourwheelers, tore my shirt off and ran into the woods for a bit. At this point I was coming back into reality, but I still had an extreme uneasy feeling. My friend later told me that after I hit the bong, I immideately grabbed ahold of the handlebars and he could see my knuckles turning bright white. I was screaming, Who are they and what the fug are they doing over and over. I then began to ask him if I was going crazy over and over (i have no memory at all of this.) Whats weird is once I hit the bong, I totally foregot that I had smoked anything. It was truly as if I was in another dimension being pulled backwards by creatures who had hoooks in my skin. Anyone experienced anything like this on 60X salvia?


Postby Travis » Mon Jul 30, 2007 11:29 am

My experience was similar (read above).

I forgot I smoked too, almost right after. I felt pain too but I felt it in my head. It had to be phantom though because THAT kind of pain I felt would have left a headache for days. But it didn't.

Salvia is something that most certainly takes you to a place in your head that is usually left unexplored. Some people say, "We're not in Kansas anymore" ... to them I say, "Kansas? Earth? What?".

Postby Silverbackman » Wed Aug 01, 2007 4:26 pm

Remember that Salvia isn't true psychedelic and is mostly a dissociative (with only a few psychedelic features). That isn't to say that it doesn't have its uses........but it is foolish to compare Salvia to acid because the experience is VERY different IMO.

When I first tried Salvia I found the effect to be quite unpleasant compared to a classic psychedelic.. It was kinda crazy though......but the only trippy thing that happened was a memory re-arrangement with a tactile hallucination. I actually had no visuals (in fact, my ability to imagine visually was taken away even with my eyes closed). The tactile hallucination was linked to a long lost memory from childhood when I was in elementary school I arms kept feeling as if my mother, sister, or something was pulling on it. The trippy thing is that I felt as if there was really someone next to me telling me (not through talking physically but talking in the mind). Perhaps a hallucinated a memory

I later on smoked it a few more times when I was stoned on some good quality ganja and found many of the unpleasant experiences disappear.........though I wonder whether this inhibited the effect of the Salvia.

Will I ever use Salvia again? I'm pretty sure.......but I really have no interest in it anymore. DMT is far better and is the best for mind expansion.
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