DMT as key to higher dimensional self

DMT as key to higher dimensional self

Postby Psychedelic Vision » Fri Oct 29, 2010 9:14 am

Hello! I am new here and decided to make a topic. I know there is already a dmt topic but it is old and it seems more efficient to start a new discussion.. I have been thinking about the nature of reality in relation to imagining the tenth dimension and my own experience..

We are all hyper-dimensional beings. Not only do we have 3D bodies in space, but 4D bodies in space time, as we are stretched out as a long four dimensional, undulating snake twisting and turning in the 5th dimension. Just as our bodies are long undulating snakes, our brains are also undulating snakes. Think of what the cerebral-cortex would look in the 5th dimension. It would be self-transforming, folding in on itself, splitting off into branches of entangled neurons..

Not only are we simply travelling down one linear 4D timeline, we are exploring all 4D paths simultaneously. We are simultaneously exploring every probability in the 5th dimension. Just like photons entering the chlorophyll of algae cells, which separate into multiple entangled photons, and travel down each path simultaneously until it finds and collapses the most efficient pathway -- consciousness too is traveling down each pathway simultaneously until it finds the most efficient, longest living path. The brain stitches together multiple timelines into one seemingly continuous "now".

So let's consider this for a second.. When we come to a near-death situation, where you just barely avoided a car accident by swerving out of the way, that was one probable branch within the 5th dimension. Simultaneously in another branch, you did not avoid death, you actually did experience the accident, and you died. But since the neurons associated with that particular timeline are no longer active, you cannot remember the experience, and you find yourself to be alive in one of the other pathways. Maybe dreaming plays a role in this, where if you die in one timeline, you wake up the day before the accident in a different timeline, so it was like it never happened, or, it only happened in a dream. So in that case, I don't think we need to fear death, because you will never experience it, you will only experience being alive in the now. What you need to worry about isn't dying, but NOT dying. If you were to become incapacitated, paralyzed for life, you would not be able to escape into an alternate reality where you are fortunate. Death is the ultimate salvation.

Reality is a novelty and information preserving engine. If you die in one 4D timeline, you are still alive in a number of parallel timelines. The information, energy, and consciousness is preserved. And what I'm proposing is, N-N-DMT is directly involved in the process of transferring consciousness across the dimensions, or entangling the neurons of your brain between realities, if you will.. DMT is produced in the pineal gland throughout your life, and it is stored in the spinal-cerebral fluid. This has been scientifically proved, that psychedelic tryptamines, including dmt, 5-meo-dmt, and other similar compounds, are all found in the cerebral fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord, and that the pineal gland, which synthesizes melatonin, is perfectly capable of synthesizing DMT, a cousin of serotonin.

When you die, and your brain is going through the shut-down processes of death, it absorbs the cerebral fluid for any oxygen and energy it can find. In doing so, it takes in large amounts of DMT, and your consciousness is literally taken to the edge of the universe, the sixth dimension, and beyond. Normally, if you smoke DMT recreationally, your consciousness is taken into the higher dimensions as well, but the difference is, you still have your body to return to in 5 minutes. But when you die, you no longer have that body to return to, so it must move to the next most readily available brain in the 5th dimension, that is, the body where you didn't die. Once all the 5 dimensional timelines are exhausted, from old age, it folds across the sixth dimension and enters a new body, a new life, probably along the tracks and trails of the genetic machinery.. That is, you flow into your children and your parents, your grandchildren and your grandparents, forward and backward into time. Ultimately every human being on the planet is connected together through the genetic trans-dimensional object that is DNA. All it would have to do would be to zoom back into the 2D/3D awareness and experience any scenario it wants..

DMT is the most powerful psychedelic tryptamine known to man. When you inhale the vapors, you are literally taken into a higher spatial dimension. As I said, we are beings which exist in a multitude of dimensions. We are made out of atoms, which are made out of quarks, which are nothing more than the cross-section of a superstring, vibrating in ten dimensional hyperspace. So in turn, we are all made out of these strings, which are vibrating in not only three dimensional space, but ten dimensional hyperspace.

Our brains have evolved to have this specific consciousness. It devised of serotonin, long ago, as the molecule with just the right energy to transfer the data of the outside world between neurons. It takes this 10 dimensional matrix of pure energy and information, calculates it, interprets it, and creates a two dimensional holographic simulation of 3D frame of now, the center of a rotating hypersphere, rolling through a five dimensional holographic hyper-now, being projected from the edge of the universe.

When you replace the neurotransmitter that interacts with the 5-HT receptors, from serotonin to n-n-dmt, you experience the raw data, the true nature of reality. Your conscious zooms out of the 3D world and into progressively higher dimensions until it blanks out in the white noise of cosmic oneness, the tenth dimension. First you find yourself flying through space, past the planets, galaxies, and then break through the edge of the universe. Domed rooms of 3D geometric patterns, tunnels, incredible light and energy, and beings made out pure syntax which sing objects into existence, made out of juxtapositions of qualities, emotions, textures, and memes, like some sort of six dimensional pun.

When most people think of "higher dimensions" they look up. But really, the higher dimensions are behind our eyes, or "right around the corner". The edge of the universe isn't billions of light years away, it is right behind your vision, and your third eye (brain on dmt) has access to it. Its as if you are already in the fifth dimension and you are simply looking "down" into the 3D world, where as the third eye can only look "up" into hyperspace.

You leave this 6D universe entirely, and enter a space made out of information, the 9th spatial dimension, where there are elf-like beings made out of syntax. These beings could be the "selection patterns" which choose one reality over another. They are conscious, all-loving, and probably created our universe. In a dimension consisting of information, a being would simply have to sing in order to create reality. After all, the mind of god is cosmic music resonating through hyperspace, and who knows more about music than musicians in the 9th dimension? That's why when they see you, they are ecstatic that one of their creations have become aware of their existence, and try to show you how to create these jeweled, hyper-dimensional, self-transforming machine objects.

In short, our universe is a six dimensional pun sang into existence by beings made out of language in the 9th spatial dimension, and DMT gives you access to your higher dimensional existence, and allows consciousness to continue after death. What do you think?
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Re: DMT as key to higher dimensional self

Postby jimgmaine » Sun Nov 07, 2010 10:13 am

Very interesting. I'm afraid I like ideas I can use now or at least see a a use for relatively {what ever that is } soon.
I may be just getting tired I may read this again later. Thanks for the post. Jim
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