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Postby amp » Sun Sep 03, 2006 2:17 pm

I was watching a popular demonstration the other day titled 'the double slit experiment', which shows that electrons, when fired through parallel slits, behave not as particles, but as waves. It was concluded that, in its natural state, all possible trajectories of these electrons were, in fact, colliding with one another, creating a sort of 'ultimate trajectory' the likes of which encompass, in a basic sense, the mechanics of quantum indeterminacy. The results of this experiment became far more straightforward when an observer was introduced to the equation, eliminating the roles of potential trajectories entirely and only allowing for the possibility of a single witnessed path.

now I'm in no way well-educated in quantum physics, so I haven't the slightest knowledge of what mathematics could validate these ponderings, nor can I really know how drastically that which I propose conflicts with understandings already established. Ideally I do hope to learn this shit eventually, but for now all I have is a very elementary fascination. Regardless, stick with me for a second.

imagine if everything that could possibly happen, from the point of one concrete beginning to every conceivable divergence, actually does happen. Even 'happen' is a terrible word to use, considering this scenario would wholly nullify happenstance, probability, and the existence of time, but you know what I mean. I'm sure I'm not the first person to suggest this idea.

now let's go a step further and imagine time as a mere concept, propagated by the human psyche; a sort of 'censoring' of ultimate awareness for the sake of maintaining an aesthetic existence. Compare it to an instance of a woman being raped as a child, and dulling the memory in order to continue functioning properly and unaffected as a human being. It does happen.

taking into consideration how even the most basic cornerstones of conduct, circumstantially appropriated as people, on planet earth -- from skills as apparent as interpersonal communication, to things so basic as prioritizing one's awarenesses so as not to be overwhelmed by simultaneous occurances -- are all learned, post-birth, it doesn't seem at all farfetched to imagine a vast scope of potential awareness silenced by our own self-interest; a spectrum of understanding that simply isn't practical to have.

this is only the beginning, really. Is this censoring of awareness a conscious process? One that, despite our grand disassociation, can be reversed or re-learned through our own understanding of it? Has this censoring perhaps been hardwired into our genetics after generations of conflict with our ability to propagate our own existences in the midst of it? Or -- as seems to be the most likely scenario -- could the opposite be true? Could we only now be entering an era where, in the ideally cultivated environment, a pure and unabashed awareness can thrive without being synonymous with the immediate destruction or regression of our species? Assuming evolution lacks foresight, which I do believe, it can be concluded this is the only way evolution would allow this to happen.

what is evolution? For that matter, what is foresight? I was thinking about this just yesterday. Imagine -- for the sake of indulging my lunatic ass, if nothing else -- the corrolation between the common interpretations of both 'perspective' and 'time travel'; an equation where zero perspective equals this current moment on a timeline, and extended perspective -- i.e. the capacity to see twenty moves ahead, like skill in a chess game -- is effectively travelling into the future at an accelerated rate. Compare it to the notion of ultimate perspective, through which time is rendered null, and reality is rendered synonymous with the description of my previous propositions. Hopefully I haven't lost you, and you see how this is beginning to add up.

my ability to communicate any more than this is waning, and so far typically comes to me only via indecipherable abstraction. But to convey the absolute basics of it, imagine a world where reality is a maze in a child's book of puzzles. Time, evolution, and the line drawn through the maze by the pencil of this baffled child are all one and the same. Additionally, compare this path through the maze to a human's lifespan, and compare the evolutionary development of human consciousness -- which, remember, is only a small segment of this LINE -- to the human wisdom that comes as a result of old age; the ability to 'see twenty moves ahead', so to speak.

perhaps someone here will be able to make more sense of this than I can, because this is where I stop. I do plan to go to school at some point, or at the very least, independently learn the advanced mathematics which may well be the only way to quantify what I'm alluding to, but as of right this moment, I am clueless. I look forward to seeing what this post inspires in the like-minded people of this forum.
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Postby Rob Bryanton » Sun Sep 03, 2006 6:18 pm

Hi amp. You have summed up some of the very important questions which I explore in the book. Clearly, your thought process as you approach those questions is similar to my own. The only thing I would add to your idea of our experience as humans somehow being deliberately more limited in our awareness is that we are also physical creatures whose existence and sustenance depends upon endothermic chemical reactions, which are automatically marching us along the line of time from the big bang (minimum entropy) towards the end of the universe (maximum entropy). That physical aspect definitely does tend to prejudice our conscious mind as to the importance of that limited fourth dimensional line we're travelling upon.

There's an astonishing photograph being circulated right now, which shows the tip of "the sharpest manmade thing", a tungsten needle. Two things are striking about this photograph - one, that it shows in vivid detail the individual atoms from which it was made. And two, some of those atoms moved during the one-second exposure, creating smeary blurs here and there, rather than the jewel-like beads representing the majority of the atoms which did not move. It really is an amazing photograph!

I like to look at this picture and think about the dichotomy between what we think of as a solid physical world and the the more indeterminate and mysterious aspects of the amazing universe we are part of. Thanks for writing!

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Postby fuzzy » Thu Mar 15, 2007 6:28 pm

That really is beautiful.
Remarkable! Its all just such a fantastic mystery.... even those atoms are almost entirely made of space (so I hear) I read somewhere that an expert can tell the age of a glass window pane by comparing the difference in thickness between the top and bottom, due to the fact that gravity is slowly pulling it down!!, just thought I'd throw that in.
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