Searching Dimensions

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Searching Dimensions

Postby PathoPete » Wed Jan 05, 2011 4:28 pm

Hey everyone, I'd like to thank Rob for his inspirational contribution to the discussion on the fabric of reality and the deep wonders of the universe! These sorts of questions have been a strong part of my life ever since I started altering my state of consciousness during my college years.. Also during my college years, I joined a heavy metal band called Pathogenic, and began attempting to write some really profound lyrics to match the profound, very "mathy" stylings of a group of talented musicians. Here's a sample of what's to come of our new 2011 concept album Cyclopean Imagery. As Rob loves to say, enjoy the journey!
Track 5 - Searching Dimensions

Forward through space and time;
All set into motion by quantum misfiring
And lucid tidal waves.

I unfold the nature of wakefulness through sleep.

Crawling along synaptic curves,
Racing toward reflection,
A human mind, holding a fraction of all consciousness.

Part of existence placed inside a vessel,
And forces decide whether it sinks of floats.
Carried by the heavy hand of the wind and sea,
Perceived as the arrow of time.

In shallow waters wading, at my feet the ocean cries.
The horizon makes song of my demise.
A shadow prototype of authority prowling,
Shifting shapes before my eyes.
Worthless, with no redemption from the earth that bore me.
No redemption for the lies that follow.
So I send myself into the wind,
Searching for tomorrow but nailed to my past.

Track 11 - Cyclopean Imagery

I stand in a vast expansion of space
Searching for what could be an edge to this place.

I'm surrounded by an abstract blue;
no floor beneath, nor even the sky.
A foreign presence slips through defenses
Of the outer limits of my mind.
Sensing intrusion, a flash of pain dulls all senses.
Forced calibration among brain waves.

I embrace the victim of this fascist malice,
That can only be a representation myself.

Approach the path to an event horizon.
Retreat to the point of no return.

This cyclopes eye resides at the center of it all.
Torn of my ego, a transmission projects alien voices.
What is this entangled form of awareness?
This duality is a result of uncertainty.

“The dreams are reality. Tune in to the morphic resonance of symmetry.”

Collapse the waves to particles as the stars are imploding.
Supernovae; a conduit closing in the minds of stars.
I'm looking through a keyhole, (one eye focused, both eyes closed)
To where existence and nonexistence wage war.
The complex and simple merge into dynamic harmonics,
Caught in a state of flow, shrouded by the instance in time.

I have realized the void,
mechanized with an absence of purpose.
Destined to become a scapegoat for what was once
a magnificent form of being.
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