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Add to Cart Alcohol and Other Drugs (mp3)
Rob's concept album, an 11 mp3 collection
Add to Cart We Start (mp3)
An 11-minute deconstruction/reconstruction
Add to Cart O is for Omniverse
(56 page pdf)
Special - reduced price
Add to Cart Imagining the Tenth Dimension Audio Book 14 mp3s, over 6 hours total $19.95
Add to Cart Everything Forever eBook (pdf)
Tenth Dimension eBook (pdf)
Add to Cart Tenth Dimension eBook, animation, 15 song and 6 instrumentals collection $19.95
Add to Cart Tenth Dimension collection (plus Everything Forever pdf) $24.95
Tenth Dimension animation
(flash & quicktime)
Tenth Dimension song collection (15 mp3s) $5.00
Add to Cart Tenth Dimension instrumental collection (6 mp3s) $5.00
Add to Cart Rob, Bob and Roberta
Just for fun! Ten-song mp3 collection.

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ebook, music, animation for Imagining the Tenth Dimension

"Imagining the Tenth Dimension"
revised second edition, 216 page eBook, with illustrations.

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